Robin Road is an affordable mobile app platform for small businesses and organisations that enables you to be with your customers, your contacts, your members, your participants, your stakeholders, your constituents, your communities, etc.

Quickly and easily. Whenever and wherever they may need you.

And thus help to build and maintain your strong business relationships.

The App isn’t the ‘Thing’.

Though Robin Road is an affordable mobile app platform … we don’t get caught up on this.

Because the app in itself is not the important part … it is what you do with it that matters. To this extent, Robin Road is just a place to present information. Potentially quite a lot of it.

An app is all about convenience. In today’s age of excessive information, where you can Google anything and learn nothing, people expect you to be sure they have everything they need wherever they may be. But they won’t be able to tell you what that is or when they’ll need it.

Though websites are great for attracting new customers or enquiries, the app is for when you have a relationship with clients, contacts, members, stakeholders, residents, participants, etc. Where you don’t necessarily need to impress with fancy design or graphics … but by delivering information quickly and easily.

How Robin Road Works.

Robin Road is an affordable mobile app platform; within which all our app accounts are delivered.

Once Robin Road has been downloaded from your device App Store (iOS or Android), your account can be added from within the platform.

Just tell your customers and contacts ‘we’re on Robin Road’ and have them begin keying in your name into the search bar on the home screen.

Or select you from the Sectors or Locations listings.

In the same way that you access a website through Chrome, Firefox or Safari internet browsers, apps are accessed through Robin Road.


There are two meanings of the ‘Your App Community’ phrase.

For the business or organisation, this reflects your customers, contacts, members, stakeholders, participants, residents, etc. The people who you have a relationship with and need to assure have all your information.

This is your Community.

An individual user may have an interest in several different businesses or organisations.

They may belong to a local networking or support group; exhibit at the local business expos; play or are involved in local grassroots sports leagues; as well as be a village resident, visit the nearby country park, employ a financial adviser to look after their money, employ a solicitor for their business, require first aid training and bring their Labrador to a veterinarian.

The app for each of these can be delivered through Robin Road and ‘downloaded’ to the user’s profile.

This is their Community.

All always open and always available simply by switching between accounts. The speed to do so is breath taking.


Presentational Templates

Deliver group or themed contact information (eg for a company, club or sector), individual contact lists, brief news and events, articles, blogs, insight, information. There is no coding required … the most complicated thing that you’ll have to do is to decide what information is to be presented where.


Add as many content sections as are needed; each can be arranged and amended in the menu as needed. There is capability to present literally thousands of pages of information in a single section … accessed quickly and easily.


…Information is individually input into the Content Management System, so you can assure presentational integrity … either spacing out sentences and paragraphs so that it is easy to read (which is a huge advantage over CRM-based systems) or spreading the piece across several screens to reflect subsections or themes.

Header Image

Present a different image on every page (presentation template).

Weblink / pdf document

Add a weblink and / or pdf document to every page (presentation template).

Information Positioning

Present information in alphabetical, date or bespoke order.

Expiry date

Set an expiry date so that the page automatically removes itself from view

Push Notifications

Send push notifications for direct messaging to users. Notifications are stored in an archive section for ease of retrieval

Protect content

Only selected individuals can view. There is maximum flexibility to decide what information is public and what is private … from the whole app (so that it cannot be opened without entering credentials) to specific pages.

There is also the capability to add a user to a number of different groups so that content can be bespoke to the individual. Four people around a table could have your app open, but each could have a completely different set of information presented.

This also enables your app to be both a public facing tool for your customers and contacts, as well as an internal tool for your staff, stakeholders, etc.

No personal data

No personal data required for login. If you wish for your app to be available for public access, then it is open to anybody. There is no tracking of who they are or where they came from, nor contributing to the Facebook / Google profiling of everything that you do.

Users can check you out without the risk that you are going to bombard them with spam or begin selling to them. If you make a good impression on them then they’ll come to you when they are ready. Which will mean being much further down the conversion process.

Where users do require a login for ‘private’ information, this is non-dynamic. The credentials do not link or integrate to other, external systems. So no risk of exploitation.


Search picks up heading and sub-heading key words and phrases, for even quicker access to desired content.


Really, really page loading times … almost instant actually.

As all the content (except images or documents) is stored within the app itself, there is no buffering waiting for a section or page to load.

Offline access

Text will load without a network or WiFi signal … though images, links and documents will need a signal.

Bespoke features and functionality.

Ability to add bespoke features and functionality. We’ve designed the Robin Road technical infrastructure to be modular so that we can continue to add to it. Things like membership / subscriptions systems; event booking and management; participant tracking or availability; etc.

Experience Robin Road for Yourself

While we do our best to explain Robin Road as an affordable mobile app platform, and the various sectors it can be used in, the best thing to do is to actually download it and have a look at some of our clients.

This will give a good indication how information is presented … and how it can be useful for you.

We’d love to welcome you to the neighborhood.

Download Robin Road on iOS devices

Download Robin Road on Android devices