Robin Road Mobile App Platform

Better Communications and Customer Engagement on Robin Road



It is likely that you will not be the only one who does what you do in your area. You won't be the only Health & Safety Consultant, Accountant, Financial Adviser, Commercial Solicitor or other provider of professional services.

So how do you differentiate yourself from others?

Your commodity is your industry skill and knowledge; presenting this in your own, native app on Robin Road will help convey that you are highly experienced and give your clients and prospects the confidence to engage your services.

Because 'Know, Like and Trust' only goes so far.



Robin Road is designed to be affordable so that everybody can benefit from having their own app; just £75 - £150 per month plus vat.

Why use Robin Road?

  • Ease of use
  • Cost effective
  • Speed of access
  • Convenience
  • Common technical framework
  • Personal support
  • Quick set up
  • Proactive push notifications
  • Personal data privacy
  • Password protected content



Who is Robin Road for?

  • Professional Service providers
  • Business Networking Groups
  • Business Events and Exhibitions
  • Communities, Councils and Local Authorities
  • Sports Leagues and Governing Bodies
  • Membership Bodies and Trade Organisations
  • Charitable Organisations
  • Personal Services providers
  • Recreation and Activity Centres
  • Political Organisations
  • Publishers of Handbooks and Directories ...

    just about anyone who has information to make available to their customers, contacts, members, stakeholders, residents, constituents, etc.

The best way to see how Robin Road works is to download it for yourself.