Robin Road is designed for SMEs to better engage with their customers and contacts.

An app is all about convenience.

In today’s uber-information age, where you can Google anything and learn nothing, people expect to take out their phone and tap a few buttons to instantly get the information they want. 

Whenever and wherever they may need it.

The need for contemporary customer engagement is the same for SMEs as for the bigger names but app development costs make it very difficult to develop for themselves.

An app in Robin Road is more functional than fancy. With simple presentational design, lightning fast navigation and the capacity to present a considerable amount of information.

All together in one place. Quickly and easily available. Anytime and anywhere.


There are two meanings of ‘Your App Community’

For the business or organisation this is the people with whom you have a relationship and will be in need of your information.

Your customers, contacts, members, stakeholders, participants, residents, etc.  

This is your Community.

An individual user may have an interest in several different businesses or organisations.

They may belong to a local networking or support group or exhibit at the local business expos. Be involved in local sports.

 As well as live in a village or visit the nearby country park. Employ a financial adviser or bring their Labrador to the vet. 

This is their Community.

Each app account is available to be added to the user’s profile. Always open and always available by switching between accounts.

The speed to do so is breath taking.

Too many apps.

People already feel that they have too many apps on their devices … so why would they want to add more?

Robin Road is a single app – downloaded from App Store and Google Play – into which all our client apps are delivered.

Users download Robin Road and select the app accounts they want. For as many businesses and organisations that they have an interest in.

All in the one place.


Robin Road can deliver thousands of pages of information; each created for speed of access and ease of engagement :

 product and service information;

— rules, regulations, policies and procedures;

— technical specifications;

— member profiles and contact information;

— key dates and events;

— newsletters, blogs, case studies, articles and minutes;

— comprehensive trade directories

Experience Robin Road for Yourself

We do our best to explain Robin Road as an affordable mobile app platform and the various sectors it can be used in. 

But to really understand both its simplicity and its effectiveness, please download and have a look at some of our accounts.

After that, do get in touch and we’ll talk you through the details.

We’d love to welcome you to the neighborhood.

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Download Robin Road for iOS devices

Download Robin Road for Android devices

Have a look in ‘sectors’ and select the app accounts you’d like add to your profile.