Safeguarding your Online Security

Safeguarding your Online Security

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In an age of data collection, we don’t compromise your privacy.
I was having a look at a web app last night and the first thing it required was to login to my Google account before proceeding.
And I thought … wow, my usage is even going to be tracked here.  In this little membership community.
To be added to the algorithm that digests everything that I do online and shapes my profile so that companies can buy - and sell - access to my attention.

And the more apps that you download, the more you see it.  Logins that use your Google, Facebook or other social media account will feed your activity on the app back into your general online profile. 

Which is great for them, but no so good for you.
On Robin Road, you can engage with as many apps as you like, and consume as much information as you need, without any risk of anybody following your movements.

And, where our clients put in place a login so as to access protected content, it is non-dynamic in nature so that it does not link to any personal accounts.
To be honest … we have no interest in the user profiling business.
We just want to provide a simple but effective platform so that companies and organisations can better communicate and engage with their customers, contacts, stakeholders, members, residents, etc.
I’d love to show you around the neighborhood.


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