Your App Community

Robin Road enables organisations to create their own app through which to better communicate and engage with their community of customers, contacts, members, stakeholders, residents, participants, etc. 

Client apps are delivered within the Robin Road platform, rather than on a standalone basis from the app stores.
Which makes it much easier for the user to access the information they require across their community of businesses and organisations.

Once Robin Road has been downloaded to the user’s device, they select the app accounts that they require.
And simply switch between them whenever and wherever needed. 

With amazing speed and ease of use.

Larger businesses and organisations are setting the bar very high when it comes to using apps to improve the customer experience.


We’re making it so that everybody can afford to benefit from better communications and engagement with their communities.

Affordable App Development

The need for contemporary customer engagement is the same for SMEs and local organisations as for larger companies. But the high cost and complexity of bespoke app development can be prohibitive.

Robin Road is designed to be affordable so that everybody can benefit from having their own app; with a range of tariff levels to reflect the size and status of the organisation.

We're also keen to explore zero-cost, shared revenue collaboration opportunities.

All together in one place. Quickly and easily available.

For product and service information; newsletters, articles, updates, bulletins, insights, case studies and blogs; rules, regulations, policies, procedures and guidelines; agendas, minutes, actions and recommendations; member profiles and contact information; key dates, schedules and events; your locations and how to get there; stakeholder and community engagement; project communications; technical specifications and instructions; values, standards, reports and assessments; identification, credentials and accreditations; handbook information and comprehensive trade directories, etc.

The best way to see how Robin Road works is to download it for yourself.

Our Brand Values - A New Standard for Service

One aspect of launching a completely new business concept is that you really do get to start from the proverbial clean slate.

There is no 'we used to do it this way so we have to ever more'.

No internal politics, hierarchies, jostling for power and control.

No falling into complacency and sending less than positive messages to clients.

This is a fresh start and an opportunity to set new standards of service.


1. Everybody is Somebody

Regardless of whether you are a large and lucrative national company or a small and local community group with nominal budget.

As far as we are concerned everybody is equal. Everybody is a person first and foremost; and we recognise no distinction based on race, religion, gender or anything else.


2. Always Helpful; Always Fair

Our promise is to always assume your challenges as our own and to always be helpful where we can.


3. Let's Figure it Out

One of life's greatest little nuggets is when you get the opportunity to look at things from a completely fresh perspective.

For every problem there will be an answer somewhere out there ... and we believe that it is much more rewarding to see if we can do it than to simply say 'no' from the outset.


4. Be Good

We have absolutely no time for pretence; posturing or manipulation. Or for presenting ourselves as anything other than who we are.

To us, our business relationship is not a transactional 'deal'; it is a partnership in the truest sense of the word.

And our commitment is that we'll always act in the best interest of our clients; not ourselves.


5. Thank You for the Opportunity to be of Service

Seriously. And genuinely.

We will always be humbled that you are welcoming us into your world.

That you trust us to help you to better communicate and engage with your clients and contacts.