Why use Robin Road?

Robin Road has been developed to help small businesses and organisations to better communicate and engage with their customers, contacts, members, participants, stakeholders, etc.

Everything about Robin Road is about simplicity; the way that information is presented on screen, the way that content is entered into the Content Management System and the way that we manage our relationships.

With no fuss; no fanfare; and no drama. All that matters is that Robin Road works for you. Every time.

Ease of use

An app is all about convenience. Which means that it has to be easy to use. 

Users want to just take out their phone, tap a button and quickly get to the information that they need.

And for that information to be visually appealing and easy to read on screen.

We've designed our page infrastructure for simplicity, clarity and ease of use.

Cost Effective

We believe that every business and organisation should be able to communicate and engage with their customers and contacts using the most contemporary technology available.

It doesn’t matter if they have thousands of contacts or just a handful; if there is a need to present information then they should be on Robin Road.

Our affordable prices are intended to reflect this.

Welcome to the Neighborhood.

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Speed of Access

An app is only useful if it is quick.

You don't want to spend what seems like forever watching the buffer circle go around and around while the information loads.

Robin Road is designed to be fast.

Fast to open. Fast for content to load.

And fast for users to navigate through sections and pages.


Personal Support

We very much believe in being available any time and any where if our clients have a question or concern.

We understand that using a content management system may be tricky at first. Because we are using it all the time, all day every day, we should be able to very quickly point you in the right direction if you need help.

We're therefore always available by phone or by email; and will always aim to resolve any issues within our control straight away.

Of course, there may be times where something is not working that is more of a technical nature.

In such cases, we will investigate and will aim to locate and resolve the issue as quickly as we can.

“Robin Road sets us apart from others in our field ...
it helps us to be regarded as THE credible authority
in social care service."

Ben Slater, Nellie Supports

Quick Set up

Once you've made the decision to create your app, you don't want to spend half of your working day, week or month planning how to build it.

Robin Road has the technical foundations developed, so all you need to do is send us your information and a content map of how you would like it presented.   

And we'll do the rest.

So that all you have to do is to review and then present and promote to your customers and contacts.

Common Technical Framework

The Robin Road technical infrastructure is used to create all the client apps within our platform.  

Which makes for affordable creation; ease of delivery within the platform; and a consistent experience for users.

We have created presentational templates to cater for most of the information that most small businesses and organisations will have need to present:

-- contact information and directories;

-- brief information such as dates, schedules and lists; 

-- news and article themed information

Proactive Push Notifications

Push Notifications are a better way to engage with your customers and contacts; so much more efficient and respectful than email. 

Content is published in the app and the notification message is set up to direct users straight to the page.

Notification messages are archived so that content can be viewed at any time … it won’t get lost under a pile of new messages if you leave it a day! And you’ll always be able to return to the message at any time in the future. Quickly and easily.

Personal Data Privacy

There is no threat to your personal privacy on Robin Road; nor is there any opportunity for your data to be compromised.

And there is no ability for social media platforms or Google to track your usage within any app account on Robin Road.

There is no mechanism to collect such information. And, frankly, no desire to do so.

So, nothing to contribute to your online profile for the purpose of somebody targeting you with advertising.

The best way to see how Robin Road works is to download it for yourself.