Why Do I Need an App if I Have a Mobile Optimised Website?

Why Do I Need an App if I Have a Mobile Optimised Website?

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An app is all about convenience; people today just want to take their phone out, tap a button and get the information that they need. Instantly.

With a website, this means opening an internet browser and typing in the desired website address.

Which takes a bit of time ... it can’t really be regarded as ‘instant’.

How is this different on Robin Road?

Our testing showed that it takes on average 14.96 seconds to open a website on a mobile device.

On Robin Road, it takes less than 2 seconds to open; literally one tap and you are ready to browse.

And even quicker to move from one page to another; without buffering or waiting for pages to load.

The other advantage that Robin Road will have over a website is for information that may not naturally ‘fit’ in a typical web navigation. This will usually be specific or brief in nature.

Or, if it is put on a website, it may be lost amongst content of lesser importance. On Robin Road, simply add a section and it will seamlessly fit in.

Robin Road is all about strengthening the relationship that you already have with your customers, contacts and those in your community; however defined your community may be.

Your website is best used for acquisition; seeking to attract new business by encouraging people who may be searching for your goods and services; and those who you may have met who wish to ‘check you out’.

Once the relationship has been established, it will be much quicker much easier to direct them to Robin Road; and a much more impressive customer engagement experience.


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