When Life Gives you Lemons ....

When Life Gives you Lemons ....

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Given that this coronavirus crisis has changed the world so quickly, a lot of people are naturally wondering what they're going to do next.

For those suddenly put in the position of looking for work, a stark reality will be that there may not be enough jobs to go around.

While not everybody may think of themselves as an entrepreneur, everybody has the capacity to innovate.

To think about what could be done better, cheaper, faster, etc. I'm not in a position to offer jobs in the conventional sense.

But I can welcome those who understand communications and the importance of the user experience; which can be turned into business development concepts to deliver on Robin Road.

Who are prepared to build something from the ground up; to not just get your hands dirty - but that they bleed as a testament to your determination.

From around the UK ... and from other countries too.

If it works, to feel an immense sense of pride at what you've accomplished.

And if it doesn't work, to have that same sense of pride that you took matters into your own hands and tried.

This won't be a quick fix, but maybe help to create a better tomorrow.

Please share and/or contact me.

We can start straight away.