What We Are Good At and Not (Yet) So Good

What We Are Good At and Not (Yet) So Good

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They say that a technological platform is never finished but that it continues to evolve over time.

While we know that Robin Road is not yet the finished article, we do believe that it is pretty good in its current form for lots of different applications for lots of different sectors.

In particular for directories and contact information and for membership groups and trade associations.

We have delivered for a number of grassroots football leagues and regional County Football Associations, where Robin Road serves as a contemporary handbook and directory.

This contains not only all the information required for participation across all aspects of the game, but it will contain all the contact details of all the Club and Team officials which is needed to deliver the game.

Always up-to-date and always available whenever and wherever it may be required.

Robin Road works equally well for networking groups and clubs that may only have a small number (eg 20 – 25) of members.

Though the participation is modest, the need to communicate and engage is exactly the same as for the larger companies and organisations.

We are also very good for delivering lots of legislative information.

Things like rules, regulations, policies, procedures, guidelines, minutes, agendas, recommendations, reports, etc.

To assure that people have all the information they need whenever and wherever they need it.

In addition to assuring that all this documentation is always to hand, Robin Road also enables it to be easily kept up to date.

Alterations and amendments can easily be made in the Content Management System and a proactive notification can be sent to users to alert them of the updated information.

And we are very good for delivering proactive communications such as newsletters, blogs and articles.

These traditionally tend to be presented somewhere on a website, which means that they can be difficult to access, in particular content that may have been posted some time ago but is still relevant today.

Where Robin Road is not yet developed is that we do not have a booking or e-commerce systems that integrate with your existing CRM systems.

We are probably not suitable for some consumer-based applications such as booking hair appointments or taxis, making restaurant reservations or ordering take away food.

We know that we’d like to improve some aspects of navigation within Robin Road; in particular linking pages from one section of the App to another; as well as making it easier to navigate down long lists of information.

At some point will also introduce a feedback and survey tool as well as a ‘favourite’ shortcut feature so as to refer back to particular content pages.

These will be our development aims going forward.


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