What is an App Community?

What is an App Community?

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An app is all about speed and convenience when wanting to access information.

People expect to be able to take out their phone, tap a button and get the information they need straight away.

The trouble is there are already too many apps out there.

The average person he has between 60 and 90 apps on their phone; for daily news and sport, functional tools, resources and larger retailers.

Each one will be specific to the organization or the function; with its own navigation, format and style.

Each App completely stands alone ... which means that the user needs to open and close each one each time they want to access.

Which is not particularly quick and not particularly easy.

Robin Road works almost as an internet browser for apps; where any number of client apps are available and the user creates what would effectively be a ‘favourites’ list.

This is their ‘Community’ of information.

Once Robin Road is downloaded from Apple or Android stores, all our app accounts are immediately available within the platform without having to download again.

The user simply selects the app(s) they need to their community.

Each app has been created using our common technical framework, which makes it really quick and easy to go from one section to another and from one app to another.

We have recognised that people will have an interest in more than one business or organisation.

And have therefore created Robin Road very much with the user experience in mind.


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