Today’s Important Update

Today’s Important Update

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Instead of sending out a daily email with today's important update ...
which soon gets pushed down the inbox by emails from others with equally important updates ...
which then gets pushed further down the inbox by the day's usual junk emails, supplier emails and conversational ones that are actually useful.
Wouldn't it be more useful to have a single place to bring together everything that you want me to know ...

that is quick and easy to access whenever and wherever it is needed?
That didn't rely upon having to scroll though the inbox to find (particularly if it wasn't from today) ...

where one could just tap a couple buttons and be reading it within about 10 seconds.
Robin Road is so easy to use, it is easy to underestimate the positive impact that it can have.
Despite being an app, there's nothing overly whizzy or flashy about us. 

It just works.


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