The Needle in the Haystack and Email Marketing

The Needle in the Haystack and Email Marketing

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How much is too much to pay to find the needle in the haystack?

Where the chances of finding it are slim to say the least, one could say that there is little point in spending anything at all.

The results of email marketing are similar to finding the proverbial needle. We all know that email marketing is a bit hit and miss.

With open rates hovering around the 20% mark across most industries and click through rates minimal, it does beg the question why we continue to do it.

Newsletters appear in the inbox where they may receive a very quick scan and a tick to return to read it later, but they are usually abandoned.

Never to be seen or heard from again.

On Robin Road, the only people that you will engage with are those with whom you already have a relationship; be they existing clients or those considering working with you.

Focused, targeted and meaningful.

A notification pops up on the user’s phone and they tap to read your message. Simple, direct and welcome.

No spam. Nothing unsolicited. No worries about GDPR.

And, always available for quick and easy retrieval at any time in the future should the person wish to refer to it again at a later date.


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