The Evolution of How Information is Presented

The Evolution of How Information is Presented

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Do you remember way back when; the first time you heard of an iPod and realised that you could carry your entire record collection around with you?

Thousands of songs at your fingertips that you could listen to whenever and wherever you wanted.

Though it is pretty much taken for granted now, it was pretty cool at the time!

That’s kind of like what we’re doing on Robin Road ... enabling the businesses and organisations that you have a relationship with to present all the information that you need so that you always have it with you.

Always open and always available whenever and wherever you happen to be. But not just one app for one business; another app for another business; and so on.

But all together in one place. So that you can access just about anything you need in about 2 seconds. It won’t be long before this degree of accessibility is common place.

But, like the very first day that the iPod was available, it is all very cool for now.


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