Robin Road vs Progressive Web Apps

Robin Road vs Progressive Web Apps

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We regularly get asked if Robin Road is a Progressive Web App (PWA); our answer is ‘no’ we are a ‘proper’ app; made with proper iOS and Android code.

This may sound a little bit disrespectful to those who create progressive web apps, but it is our firm belief that an app is all about convenience; to make it really quick and easy for somebody to find the information they are looking for whenever and wherever needed.

Robin Road is built using IOS and Android code which means that the content is embedded into the app.

When downloaded to the user’s device, the text content is contained within it; images, documents and links remain external.

This makes for a very fast user experience as there is no need to wait for the content to load.

With a progressive web app, all the information is contained on an external web browser.

Which works just like a website; where the information has to be requested from an external server and then delivered to the page which invariably leads to delays.

By way of an example, it may take less than 10 seconds to access 10 pages on Robin Road where it would take between 60 and 90 seconds to do the same in a progressive web app.

A progressive web app is effectively a website that displays on a mobile device it also contains a shortcut any ability to send notifications.

The ability to send notifications is really useful, but it does not change the idea that the progressive web app is not much different to a mobile-optimised website.

Having said this, progressive web apps can be very useful for the types of business that need an aspect of web-functionality such as linking to booking, e-commerce or payment systems.

When considering whether to build your information-based app as a progressive web app or to deliver on Robin Road, please have a look at both and get a feel for how easy it is to access information on both systems.

You’ll find that the difference is like night and day.


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