Robin Road and Print: Perfect Partners

Robin Road and Print: Perfect Partners

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Our view is that an app and print work very well together.

The role of print is primarily to convey information in a way that makes a positive impression.

There is nothing like picking up a book, report, brochure or pamphlet and flipping through the pages to demonstrate the impact of a theme.

People still like print because it both gives the subject matter weight and it is easy to open the page and begin reading.

Unfortunately people will not always carry printed material with them all the time.

It may be left behind on a shelf or is perhaps on their desk under a stack of papers and other booklets; which doesn’t do much good if you’re not there.

Material cannot be changed once the book has been published. Which means that another printed version is required to update the information or the original will remain out of date.

Robin Road works very well with printed material because it provides another way to engage with the user. To present that same information but this time so that the user has the information with them all the time wherever they happen to be.

If there are any changes Robin Road allows you to be sure everybody always has the latest information because the app is never out of date. Simply make the change in the Content Management System and publish.

In some respects, we have combined the best of both worlds because, in Robin Road, you can also present a pdf document of the printed material. While it is easier to read when presented on screen, users can also download or share the pdf version.

The printed booklet or brochure looks great on the shelf or on the desk.

But it works best when combined with the accessibility provided by Robin Road.


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