Protected Content

Protected Content

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One interesting feature of Robin Road is the ability to ‘protect content’ by allowing only certain people to have access to it.

We recognised that companies may wish to use Robin Road for different purposes; and that there may be information that is required by an individual or group but not by everybody.

It may be sensitive, personal or just not relevant to everybody.

In addition to using Robin Road as a public facing, communications and engagement tool that companies so as to better communicate and engage with their customers and contacts, companies can also set it up as an internal communications or employee engagement tool.

This is done in such a way so as to maintain user confidentiality and privacy.

Users are given individual or collective login credentials, but these are not dynamic; ie they are not linked to any other system or functionality.

Any number of users can be created; and users can be assigned to any number of different groups.

The section in the Content Management Systems is then assigned to a particular group(s) ....

When the user logs in, the system recognises which information they are authorised to view and delivers it to them.

It could be that there may be three people sitting around a table who could have each have completely different content within the same app as the other two.

The protected content feature therefore allows Robin Road to be an external engagement tool, an internal communications tool, an employee engagement tool, a project management tool, a management administration tool or anything that the company needs it to be.


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