Personal Privacy

Personal Privacy

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Why is it that you have to sign in every time you want to do something.

Because of the nature of social media it is an understandable requirement to have a verified account before you can post in a public.

But because you are ‘logged in’, your personal information can be harvested; your browsing history looking at everything you do and every page you visit for the sole aim of delivering micro targeted advertising messages.

At some point people are going to get fed up with advertisements and companies following them around the internet as a result that of their browsing history or social media interactions.

Many of the apps that businesses offer require a customer login to allow you to connect to your account and to transact.

Again this is an understandable extension of the tools that are already required to access your individual experience with the business or organisation.

Although these login procedures make sense, they still come with a degree of risk that the system may be hacked and the link to harvest personal data established.

In Robin Road, we don’t link to customer CRM accounts or other back-end systems.

Where customer logins are provided, they are not dynamic or linked to any real or live data.

It may be that some of the information contained within Robin Road is sensitive or private to an individual or group; but there is no ability for a third party to gain access via another’s login or as a result of tracking.


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