Presenting Exhibitors on Robin Road

Presenting Exhibitors on Robin Road

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Meet Jordan and Sam,

They had a stand at last week’s business exhibition where they wanted to raise awareness of their services to a wider audience.

The days were long and their voices was gone after talking with so many people.  They feel positive that they’ll gain some new clients; the immediate feedback was really positive.

But it’ll be hard.

They’ll do the obligatory post-show email ‘nice to see you’ emails so that people will hopefully remember them; as well as follow up personally with those who seemed most interested.

They’re mindful, though, that they only engaged with a very small portion of visitors.  

Exhibition organisers tend to produce a printed or online visitor guide, which contains contact details and a brief synopsis of each exhibitor’s business. 

Which is fine for introducing everybody on the day but, realistically, will not be looked at again until next year’s show.

We’ve been delivering exhibitor guides on our Robin Road mobile app platform for several years which continue to be used all through the year to continue to present and promote companies long after the show's doors have closed.

Which really does help exhibitors to make the most of their relationship with the event ... and encourage re-booking for the following year to continue to the presentational and promotional cycle.


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