Newsletters sent by email are a lot like Daffodils

Newsletters sent by email are a lot like Daffodils

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Daffodils remind me of a lot about the conventional way that company and sector newsletters are often sent out in pdf format by email.

They may look great and make an impressive, immediate splash.

But the flowers (substance) don’t last long; they soon begin to wither and eventually die off.

They fade beneath the surface to be replaced by something else which will follow a similar cycle of quick impact before fading away.

Sure, daffodils come back the following year … which is fine for being a symbol of the newness of a spring emerging from the deep, dark winter.

But, in business, that’s a long time to be away from the spotlight and out of one’s awareness.

The email pings into one’s inbox during the day.

But the recipient is, not unsurprisingly, doing other things for their business ... so they either may not see it or have the time to read it.  

Or they may flag it to come back to when they have the time.

But do they?

In Robin Road, content is always instantly available. Whenever and wherever it may be required. 

Newsletter topics from a year or two ago can still be accessible in about 10 seconds.

We’re very much evergreen.


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