Is Robin Road an App Developer?

Is Robin Road an App Developer?

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Robin Road isn’t really an app development company.

Rather we have created an app platform.

Bespoke app development is really hard. And it can be expensive.

Apps will generally be commissioned by larger companies and organisations who require a bit of complexity and system integration.

For instance something like the BBC News app which will link in to the centralised BBC content database.

The app has been developed to deliver the same information that is presented across the other BBC platforms and channels.

Most small businesses and organisations will not require that degree of system integration; they just want a way to more easily deliver information to their customers and contacts.

Robin Road is therefore similar to an app development company ... it is just that we’ve already built the app.

Having said this, we have developed Robin Road in such a way that we can add features and functionality as may be useful for businesses.

We would make use of our existing infrastructure where we could so as to keep the cost of the new functionality to a minimum.


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