Is Email Really the Best Way to Disseminate Information?

Is Email Really the Best Way to Disseminate Information?

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Companies have been sending out updates and advice by email during the coronavirus situation, but is email really the best way to disseminate this important information?

Particularly if subsequent communications are needed as the situation continues to evolve and the advice continues to change?

Or would it be better to bring all the latest news,  information, tips, guidance, advice, practical measures, FAQs, etc together in one place that is instantly available whenever and wherever it may be needed.

During this pandemic Robin Road has proven to be instrumental in keeping the communities of our grassroots football clients informed of latest FA governance and guidance.

Since it became clear that football would have to stop in March 2020, the FA have put out over 20 statements to leagues, clubs, teams and match officials.

The problem is that, as the statements are sent out by email, they (a) can get lost among everything that typically fills one’s inbox each day; and (b) are very difficult to refer back to if one wanted to check a detail a few days or weeks later.

The communication is also only sent to certain individuals with an expectation to forward it to all concerned ... which never happens.

In Robin Road, access to information is instant and our format means that information can tend to be found in about 10 seconds.

For our Grassroots Football clients, we have presented each update and communication from the FA so that the latest information can be found very quickly and easily … so that everybody across the League community knows what they have to do to safely deliver the game.


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