If I Build It Will They Download It?

If I Build It Will They Download It?

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Great, you’ve developed your app on Robin Road. But how do you encourage people to download it? Robin Road is not your typical app; that seeks to attract a volume of users.

We’re more about providing the platform for businesses and organisations to better communicate and engage with their customers and contacts.

When such businesses and organisations have a relationship, they are not really competing for anybody’s attention.

Just notify your community that you’re on Robin Road and encourage them to download.

If they are serious about your interactions and value the relationship with you then they’ll do so because they’ll recognise that you want to improve their understanding of the subject matter you both share.

If they are not committed to you then they may not.

If they decide not to download then that may be an indication that your relationship is not as strong as you would like and that, maybe, some additional attention is required.


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