How Many Apps on your  Device are Too Many?

How Many Apps on your Device are Too Many?

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The average person has between 60 and 90 apps on their phone; around 30 of which are used each month.  Most of these will be for news, retail / transactions, functional, special interest and games.
But as apps become more popular, especially for business, the question will naturally be asked … do you really want to install another one?
Robin Road is distinctive in that we are a kind of ‘internet’ for apps;  we not only create the app but we also host it within our own platform.

We call this our App Community. 

Users download Robin Road one time and, from within the platform, select any number of client app accounts that are relevant to them. 

Without adding to the gluttony of icons on their device screen. 

For example : Helen runs an event management company. 

She has an app so that she can present and promote her full-service capability and keep in touch 
with her customers and contacts.

There’s a secure section where she places project documentation and planning information so that her clients can check in at any time.

She needs to conduct a risk assessment for every project so she regularly uses her Health & Safety consultant’s app so she can be sure of the latest compliance rules and regulations.

She belongs to a business networking group; their app serves as a member handbook. 

She also has apps for her other business service providers and interests such as guides for days out with the kids and family restaurants in the area.

An abundance of information all together in one place. 

All of which is always instantly available whenever and wherever it is needed.


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