How does Robin Road work?

Creating your app Robin Road is really easy. Because we have done all the technical work, the most complicated thing that you will need to do is to work out which information goes where.

Select your colour scheme from one of our 64 standard colourways; create your search icon (usually your logo) and your home screen imagery (which can be amended as desired).

We've created three presentational templates that can be used to deliver most types of information: contact directories; lists of information and contacts; and article-based content.


Adding your content

The Robin Road content management system has been designed with main menu, sub-menu, a further sub-tier and any number of individual content pages to assure that vast quantities of content can be sensibly presented for ease of access and readability.

Format your information in a source document such as a Word, PDF or Excel file. 

Then simply copy into corresponding fields in the CMS. 

One-touch, icon enabled contact and geo-mapping functionality is automatically enabled. 


For contact details we have icon-enabled one touch functionality to make a telephone call, send a  text message or an email; or find out where you going with our geo-mapping feature.

When presenting article-based or text-based information, we have the ability to create individual sections and subsections for each theme.

This gives the capability to present literally thousands of pages of content as needed … all formatted for really quick and easy access.

Each (article) page can have its own header image, add a link to a website and add a pdf document; as well as set an expiry date so that the content automatically removes itself from the app.

If you need to make a change, remove something or add something, simply go back into the Content Management System, make the change and publish.

The new content is automatically delivered to all installed devices so everybody always has the latest information.