Handbooks and Directories on Robin Road

Handbooks and Directories on Robin Road

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Meet Sara.

Sara referees Saturday afternoon local football matches.

The League produces an annual printed handbook / directory that contains all the contact numbers of all the club and team managers and officials as well as all the referees.

After days of sustained rain, the home team sent a message to notify Sara that the pitch was unplayable.

Or so they thought.

Sara had notified the League over the summer that her contact details had changed.

They sent out an email to all the clubs with a list of changes since the book was printed ... with an instruction to pass it on to all their teams and personnel who would need to know.

Which doesn’t really work.

Contact information changes all the time but the conventional directory is frozen in a moment in time.

Make sure that all participants in your Community - whether in sports, groups, recreation or otherwise - always have all the necessary information they need.

Always up to date and always instantly available whenever and wherever they need it.


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