Fast Kills Big

Fast Kills Big

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I recently attended a business conference and one of the key themes was that Fast Kills Big.

That the quicker your system is the better it will be received by users.

And one example given was that people expect your website to load in 3 seconds ... otherwise they will become impatient.

This struck a chord with us as we’ve been saying exactly the same thing.

So we decided to conduct a test ... where we reviewed the websites of 10 local companies.

Time started from the point we launched the web browser (Chrome, Safari or Samsung) as this reflects a real user experience.

The average time across the 10 sites to open the browser, key in the company name in the search bar, select from the result ... or tap ‘website’ from the search info box ... and then stopping the clock when the home page appeared --- was 14.96 seconds.

The quickest was 12.01 seconds and the slowest was 18.80.

Instances were discounted where our fat fingers got in the way and we had to go back to correct the text.

By comparison ... the time to launch Robin Road (which is the same action as opening the web browser) and select an account from the user’s profile was just 2.95 seconds.

Seriously, try it yourself and see what you come up with.

So when people ask how Robin Road compares with a mobile optimised website, the answer is clear .. it is so much quicker and easier to access required information.

Which, we believe, is a very important aspect when seeking to build and retain relationships.


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