Differentiate from others in your Field

Differentiate from others in your Field

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What are you going to do today to differentiate yourself from others in your field?
This will not come as a surprise, but you’re not the only Accountancy firm in town.

Or Financial Adviser, Health & Safety Consultant, HR Consultant, Training Provider, etc.
With things currently the way they are, so many are taking to email and social media to forward articles of interest and convey their own thoughts.
While these channels may help to raise or maintain awareness among new contacts, they are not the most effective to communicate and engage with your existing customers and contacts.
In today’s uber-information age, people want to take out their phone, tap a button and find out whatever it is they need to know. 


Its not really good enough to ‘forward’ or ‘share’ an article and think that you are being innovative.  

While the headline and image may gain some initial visibility, people’s social media feeds will quickly fill up with other ‘stuff’, and yours will soon be forgotten rarely to again see the bright light of day.
Be sure that you are the one delivering on their expectation for quick and easy access to your sector’s  information whenever and wherever it is required.


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