Customer Retention on Robin Road

Customer Retention on Robin Road

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Meet Olivia.

Olivia is your local representative.  

It is election time, so she is popping around to ask for your continued support; ie your vote. 

She’s wants to tell you about how she has actively and positively represented you - 
and the constituency - these last years. Assuming that you remember all the good that she has done.

You don’t.

In this age of uber information and clutter, people generally only see today’s headlines 
and don’t delve too deeply into the full story. 

This is how they get the news even though it may not be too accurate or contextually correct.  

Things that happened yesterday are in the past … out of sight and out of mind.

Customer retention campaigns should not be done just once in a while or at the time 
of a formal review; they should be happening all the time.

Tell your clients – or supporters, constituents, members, etc – what it is that you’ve been doing 
on their behalf.  Provide a mechanism that enables you to add value as a result of your relationship. 

In a way that is comprehensive, current and always available whenever and wherever 
it may be required.


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