Changing Behaviour to Social Media

Changing Behaviour to Social Media

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It took Blue Planet to change people's behaviours with single use plastic.

What is it going to take to encourage companies to stop feeding the big Social Media beasts?

Today's social media exists for one reason ... to sell advertising.

Yes, we get to connect with friends and family, which is what they were originally good at.

But wherever one can create an audience, somebody is going to want to pay to put their logo or message alongside.

Which then snowballs to where we are today ... tools that super analyse everything in the quest to micro target specifically where advertising is to be directed.

Everything you post.

Everything you action - with a 'like', emoji or comment.

Everything you share ... and all that you don't.

Everything gets counted, processed and sold to somebody so that they can sell you their products and services.

Who will be brave enough to say 'enough is enough'?

Before we have to see the effects of our actions on a TV documentary to make us see what we have done.


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