Building and Maintaining Business Relationships

Building and Maintaining Business Relationships

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Robin Road is all about building and maintaining relationships … by making your product / service proposition and all your related information available to customers and contacts whenever and wherever it may be required.

For products, as a consumer I don’t particularly care where I get it from.

Why I buy it from you, though, is down to how you make me feel about the process. 

Are you knowledgeable in the field and, more important, do you help me to know what I need to know? 

OK, you are a nice person and represent your business well … now can you deliver to my expectation and to what you promise? 

Good again … now I probably won’t need to buy from you again for maybe six months, so how are you going to communicate with me so that I come back to you?


For services, there will be a number of others who could provide what I need. 

But I am with you because you have given me the confidence that you are sufficiently competent at what I need you to do and, as important, that we have a ‘connection’; we have a good rapport.

But if you fail to keep me informed of what I need to know, then my head may be turned by another who is more attentive.

You are more likely to gain more new business from your existing contacts than you are from somebody who finds you through today’s digital acquisition channels.

So long as you haven’t lost them, that is, while you’ve been out searching for the next ‘big one’.


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