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Training on Robin Road

There are lots of familiar phrases to indicate how one gets better at a task.

From ‘practice makes perfect’ to ‘perfection comes after 10,000 hours’ practice, the key to learning anything is repetition.

To introduce a new concept or theme and allow the person to practice it … in whatever their environment … until it becomes natural. Until the task can be performed without thinking about it.

The format for conventional training is to get a group of people in a room – or on a one-to-one basis – to show them the new task or skill, and have them repeat it a few times until it is done to satisfaction.

But, what about when the training is how to perform in certain circumstances or under particular conditions? Such as in Emergency First Aid. Or Business Coaching.

Where the intent of the training provided is to give an overview of what to do should the need arise at some point in the future. Which may happen at any time without any previous indication or warning.

Where the learned behaviour may not be put into frequent use straight away, there is a real potential that information may be forgotten and, fairly quickly, the positive benefit of the training session negated.

Robin Road allows training providers to do so much better than provide a booklet at the end of the course … or to send a pdf with the session slides. Which generally end up in a cupboard or in a shelf somewhere … or in an email inbox folder; either way, rarely to be seen again.

But to reinforce the material. In depth and over a sustained period of time.

So that the required behaviours become embedded in one’s skill set. For better recall whenever and wherever required.

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