Tourism and Heritage on Robin Road

Tourism and Heritage on Robin Road

The challenge for Tourism is to present the venue, site, location, attraction or activities so that people’s interest is sufficiently raised so that they may wish to visit.

At a time when the task of attracting and holding attention becoming more challenging and budgets are becoming rationalised.

Then, after visitors have come once and enjoyed themselves, the new challenge is to encourage them to come again. And to tell others so that they may visit as well.

Contemporary Communications

Convention is to add visitors to a mailing list and send out a periodic magazine or brochure. Or, to send out a pdf newsletter sent by email.

Robin Road encourages tourism sites to go one very large step beyond … Robin Road encourages you to build and sustain a relationship with your visitors.


When you think about it, whether people have spent the whole day with you or just a portion of it.

Whether they came to relax or to get adventurous.

Whether they brought the kids or if it was just a chance for the adults to spend some time together.

Whether they travelled to get to you or if you are on their doorstep.

Or whatever the circumstances … a real connection has been made.

A (hopefully) pleasant moment in their lives has been created that will be remembered.

And for those who have yet to visit you, that is your promise to them.

Robin Road allows this emotion to be captured. And nurtured. Over time.

Cutting Through the Clutter

Robin Road gives a channel through which to build awareness, understanding and trust. To enable your personality to shine … so that people can really get to know you and love what you offer.

Robin Road isn’t about creating a fast track booking system … it is about giving people more time to be in your company. Whether before they come see you or after.