Schools on Robin Road

Schools on Robin Road

All educational institutions, from the local primary schools on up to universities, have a need to communicate and engage with their community.

There is a considerable amount of information that parents, students and stakeholders need to be aware of at any given time.

From the ‘small’ things such as term dates, transportation options and diary of activities to the more comprehensive ‘educational handbook’ items of school policies, procedures, rules, regulations and guidelines – from national, regional and local level.

As well as all the practical things that students and parents need to know about the school; such as how to get around the premises, the academic and recreational facilities that are available and how to go about using them, the profiles of the teachers and assistants coming into contact with the students, etc.

And the school / course prospectus, Ofsted reports and other supporting documentation relevant to admissions or enrolment.

And at a time when there is precious little budget available to educational institutions, Robin Road provides an effective and efficient communications and engagement channel.