Our Story

Introducing Robin Road : Your App Community

Robin Road has existed in one form or another for nearly 30 years!

Though we’ve only had the physical app product these last three years, its principles go back to the early career of Director Michael Shuster.

Walking the Streets

I left university in Boston, Massachusetts wanting to get involved in the creative side of advertising.

Instead, I started working for a small, local newspaper; the rationale being that I would be able to get to know and work with a great many different types of business.

And that’s what I did … with a bundle of newspapers under my arm each week, I would walk up and down the town’s streets, calling in on the various shops and businesses; getting to know the people, their ambitions and requirements.

Not necessarily ‘selling’ but building relationships. And thinking about ways to help them meet their aims and ambitions.

This was back in the late ‘80s … long before Facebook, Google Adwords, mobile phones or apps had even been whispered in the breeze.

Back in those days, the challenge for a business was to excel at every point of (potential) customer contact … whether in its prospective advertising, its follow-up marketing or when the opportunity to be of service presented itself.

You didn’t have to be overly clever to successfully market business – you just had to be good at everything you did. And have a way of telling everybody.

Common Themes

I spent 10 years working for the newspapers … from small local to major global titles.

I then spent another 10 years delivering overseas event marketing programmes for UK Trade & Investment.

And regardless the size of the company, the markets they wanted to reach or the messages they wanted to convey … the core objectives remained exactly the same.

“To Build strong relationships with your customers and your contacts based on exceptional presentation of information”.

If you look professional and act professional in all that you do, then chances are that you will be perceived as professional when you develop and introduce your propositions. That people will be more likely to want to hear from you; and to consider your ideas for collaboration.

Enter Digital

I had the opportunity to learn about digital infrastructure when working for a major infrastructure company and for local government.

In addition to coming to appreciate the concept of Common Framework infrastructure development, the key lesson learned was about usability – otherwise known as ‘safeguarding the user experience’.

The practice of making the presentation of information engaging was often at war with the trivial wants and needs of the corporate master. Who often knew little about presentational infrastructure and was more excited by the chat bot animation than about simplicity.

Among all the debate about colour schemes, font sizes and weights or about what information to put where, I learned that the anchor to everything was to keep it as easy as possible for the user to consume the information they wanted.

And then Apps

So when the opportunity came to design what would become the Robin Road project specification, it wasn’t the technical side that took the lead but, rather, the presentational.

What type of information did we need to present, how did we need to present it and how would the person be using the App were the primary considerations for the system.

The end result is, I think, a very tidy communications and engagement tool that can be of service to most any type of business or organisation.

So do get in touch … I’d love to show you around the neighborhood.