Robin Road – Our Brand

Welcome to Robin Road

Our new brand. Our new App platform.

We’re introducing an App Community where small business and organisations can present as much product or service information as needed for their customers and contacts; as well as to directly communicate through push notification.

An App Community where users can select their own portfolio (eg business exhibition, networking groups, their local football league, their village; their fitness centre; etc).

And simply switch between them with ease whenever and wherever required.

No more opening an App and waiting what seems like forever for it to load; then closing it and opening another; again waiting for it to load.

Please do get in touch if you’d like a tour of the neighborhood.

Finally, I’m asked where the name comes from.

I grew up on Robin Road in the town of Wakefield just outside Boston, Massachusetts. It’s where I was introduced to the pleasures and cruelties of life … and where my values, ethics and principles were formed.

As we’re about fostering better communications and engagement, it seemed a perfect name to embody this new venture.



Our Brand Values