Professional Services on Robin Road

Professional Services on Robin Road

Whether an Independent Financial Adviser, a Corporate Insurance Broker, an Accountant, a Writer of Wills or a provider of IT or Security Services, there is a universal need for providers of professional services to engage with their customers and contacts.

There will be a number of firms just like yours in your area; that pretty much do a similar same thing in a similar way, with similar standing in the local business community for a similar fee.

The distinction, though, will be in the people … the credibility that you are able to establish among the business community and that single, sometimes intangible, thing that makes someone decide that you are perfect for their needs.

Robin Road will help to serve this purpose.

In professional services industries, the relationship is key. The better that the firm and the client get on and truly understand one another, the better the opportunity for a lasting professional engagement.

Whether large or small, lucrative or modest, start-up or established, growing or stable, the services that professional firms provide are important to the client. And while they will naturally be looking for capability and competency, clients will be also be looking for a sign that their business is valued.

Not just at the annual account review conducted by the partner or account manager, but all the time.

Just a little something each day or week that gives value and reinforces the relationship.

In addition to presenting the full range of services provided (and many customers will not be aware of all that you do!), having an App is an opportunity to share your industry insight so that your customers and contacts may be aware of industry issues.

This level of engagement will help to affirm your relationships and assure continued business over time.

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