Independent Business Development Partners

You've been knocked down ... now get up again!  We're building our team of independent sales partners.

Given that the coronavirus crisis has led to a rapid reduction in conventional employment, a lot of people are naturally wondering what they're going to do next.

For those suddenly put in the position of looking for work, the stark reality is that there may not be enough jobs to go around.  

While not everybody may think of themselves as an entrepreneur, everybody has the capacity to innovate; with ideas borne from experience of what could be done better, cheaper, faster, etc.

We're looking for people who understand the principles of communications and customer engagement and the importance of the user experience; and know how to build lasting sales relationships.

People who are prepared to build something from the ground up; to not just get your hands dirty - but that they bleed as a testament to your determination and commitment.

You will help us to grow our business while having the opportunity to start your own ... in a way that works for you.  

You can represent us to B2B sectors where you may already be infused in the local business community. 

Or your can represent us within an industry where you've had experience; eg tourism, events, professional services.

Or you can come up with your own, original concept to develop.

You'll work from home ... be it from the kitchen table or shed at the bottom of the garden; or maybe you'd prefer to work from a local business centre.  Its entirely up to you.  All you'll really need is a laptop and a place where you can get into 'the zone'.

You'll create your own individual work / home / personal balance - and, in doing so, deliver great results for us both.

This won't be a quick fix, but maybe help to create a better tomorrow.  Starting today.

Please feel free to call me, email me or send a message using the form below.  Or download a development partner prospectus.

Let's do something great together.