Our Brand Values

A New Standard for Service

Robin Road : Our Brand Values. One aspect of launching a completely new business idea is that you really to get to wipe the proverbial slate clean.

There is no ‘we used to do it this way so we have to ever more’.

No internal politics, hierarchies, jostling for power and control.

No falling into complacency and sending a message of ‘I don’t care’ to clients.

This is a fresh start and we intend to do things different.

1. Everybody is Somebody

It doesn’t matter if you are the CEO or the person who checks our visitor badge when we enter the building. Regardless of whether you are a large and lucrative client or a small local group with nominal budget. As far as we are concerned everybody is equal. Everybody is a person first and foremost. You will always be welcome.

2. Always Helpful; Always Fair

Too many times in business you come across people who you can tell are not very interested in your experience as the customer. The ones who you know are in the process of putting the phone down while you are still trying to explain why you are calling! Who make you feel pretty much like ‘what was the point of that’.

We’ll always try to be helpful and will never make you feel that we don’t care about you.

3. Let’s Figure it Out

One of life’s greatest little nuggets is when you get to work out a problem or a challenge … to take the opportunity to look at things from a completely fresh perspective.

For every problem there will be an answer somewhere out there … and we believe that it is much more fun to see if we can do it than to simply say ‘no’ from the outset.

4. Be Good

We have absolutely no time for pretence; posturing or trying to manipulate somebody into saying ‘yes’. Or as presenting ourselves as anything other than who are are.

To us, our business relationship is not a ‘deal’; it is a true collaboration.

And our commitment is that we’ll always act in the best interest of our clients; not ourselves.

5. Thank You for the Opportunity to be of Service

Seriously. And genuinely.

We always want you to know that, while we will be in a commercial relationship, we are truly humbled that you are welcoming us into your world.

That you trust us to communicate and engage with your own clients and contacts through our little platform.

Robin Road : Our Brand Values. We promise to always take on board your challenges as our own. And always to be thankful that we are working together.