Safeguarding on Robin Road

Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults on Robin Road

Robin Road will enable all organisations, governing bodies, companies, associations, etc to present their safeguarding information in the App for quick and easy access by their community whenever and wherever it may be required.

As well as the ability to proactive message via push notifications; provide protected access to individualised content and pdf documentation; present worker identification and biographies; and (soon) provide in-app bespoke self-assessment capability.

Safeguarding is, rightly, high in the public awareness and consciousness.

But it is difficult for an organisation to make all its information available to its community … short of publishing booklets or presenting pdfs document online.

The Robin Road system is very good for presenting lots of information in a format that is easy to locate and easy to consume.

As much content as is required can be structured so that, within a couple of scrolls and taps, the user can be accessing what they need. When they need it.

Beyond presenting static Safeguarding information, Robin Road will enable content updates to be made and proactive messaging (via push notification) as often as is required.

Whether for a weekly safeguarding report or digest; to comment on or call attention to topical events; or just to reinforce core values and practices, delivery of Safeguarding information through the App enables ease of use and frequency of engagement.


Robin Road is built on a common technical framework which means that the expensive aspects have already been put in place.

All you need to do is think about the information that you want to present and how it should be structured.

Your price will depend on the delivery option that you choose, but the range will be from £25 – £75 per month based on organisation size (plus vat).

There’s a small fee for set-up as well, but that would also be determined by the size of the organisation and the nature of the content.

And that’s it.

There are no limits to the number of people downloading or using your App; subscriptions are on an annual basis and payments taken via direct debit each month.

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