Accountancy on Robin Road

Accountancy on Robin Road

There is much more to accountancy services than simply working out the profit and loss of a business each year.

The portfolio of services will often include financial audit, taxation, payroll, budgeting and planning, support for business start-ups, financial management, grants, acquisitions and disposals, corporate finance, and much more.

A well-informed client is a valued client. And the more that an accountancy firm does to ensure that their clients are both aware and have a conversational knowledge of financial issues, the stronger the foundations upon which to build a lasting – and profitable – relationship.

Proactive engagement generally takes the form of sending a pdf or online newsletter by email. But who really has the time to digest these in one sitting; or to return to them a few days, weeks or months in the future?

Robin Road works for Accountants by providing not only a quick and easy to access portfolio of service, but also a direct communications channel through which to educate and inform across a range of financial issues.

We are not simply a link to lots of calculators or tables.

We do not provide input mechanisms so that users can work out their mileage allowance or their capital gains tax levels.

Nor does Robin Road tie in with today’s cloud-based accountancy packages to provide input from the App.

Though we could provide a channel to online input.

While these features are useful, they do not represent what is core to the accountant / client relationship; the transfer and support the understanding of profession-related information.

Robin Road also enables the most current versions of legislative and regulatory compliance to always be to hand.

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