Networking and Membership Groups on Robin Road

Business Networking and Membership Groups on Robin Road

The philosophy of a business networking or membership group is that the members get to ‘know, like and trust’ each other … that participation each week, fortnight or month gives the member visibility in the room, which enables them to build credibility and, hopefully, profitability.

Robin Road will work in exactly the same way – while complementing and extending what you do on social media.

It will not only give your members a useful tool to help them connect with other members – or to refer their details to others – whenever and wherever required but it will help to reinforce your own ‘know, like, trust’ model by adding value to what you offer in your Networking Group.

Because you are a business too.

Your App Content

Keeping in mind that the App isn’t the ‘thing’ but, rather, an enabler to all the information that is associated with what you do, you can build up your content within Robin Road as would be useful.

To perhaps include:

Venue & Meeting Information

Sounds obvious, but setting out the time and location of your meeting and then giving an overview to each meeting component gives a clear indication of what to expect for first time visitors or those who may be considering visiting.

Group or Chapter Information

A simple overview of who does what; member sign-up or renewal forms; links to references or sources, etc

This Week’s Visitors

Every networking group wants to attract members of the business community to visit their meeting; to get a chance to meet their existing members and to demonstrate that being part of the group could help them to grow their business.

While visitor details are often included on the printed delegate sheet that is available on the day, wouldn’t it be good to send out a profile of the next meeting’s visitors ahead of time? So that members can see who is going to be in the room.

As a visitor, it is a really good feeling for a member to come over to you, introduce themselves and talk about an interest that you both share.

Which helps to leave a very good impression.

Member Directory

Getting to know fellow members is a hallmark of a networking group. And while members will no doubt be connected via the social media channels, every now and again you may actually need to call – or visit – one another.

Having a member directory and directions of how to find their office is therefore quite useful.

As well as serving as a simple but really effective way to refer a fellow member’s details to somebody else. Kind of like the contemporary version of passing their business card, simply open the member contact page, take a screenshot and send it to the person … even if they are standing right next to you.

What Members are Looking For

Each week members give their brief presentation about an aspect of their business and what they are hoping that fellow members may be able to help with. Whether a personal introduction to a particular business or in more generic terms.

This information can be captured and presented in your App so that it becomes a very comprehensive indicator of how members could help one another

Training and Special Events

If your Networking Group hosts training or other events, these can be detailed in the App so that members can quickly and easily refer whenever and wherever it may be required.

Anything Else?

The Robin Road system is flexible so that you can add content items and themes as you wish … whether for timely or topical campaigns or as an introduction of a regular feature.

’Members Only’ Content

With our ‘protected content’ feature, we can incorporate a ‘members only’ area so that your App can effectively serve both public facing and private needs.