Networking and Membership Groups on Robin Road

Business Networking and Membership Groups on Robin Road

Robin Road is an affordable mobile app platform that is perfect for business networking and membership groups.

The philosophy of a Chapter or group is that the members get to ‘know, like and trust’ one another.

That regular participation gives the member visibility in the room and enables them to build credibility and profitability.

Robin Road will add value to what you offer in your Networking Group and help to set you apart from other groups.

And, as an affordable app platform for business networking groups, Robin Road will be a useful tool for member engagement.


Your App Content

You can deliver as much information as you need on Robin Road :


Venue & Meeting Information

Give a clear indication of what to expect by presenting the agenda and an overview to meeting structure. From what time you start and where to find you … to what happens during the meeting.


Group or Chapter Information

This can be a  simple presentation of who does what, member sign-up or renewal forms, speaker schedules, links to references or sources, etc. Providing this information makes it easy for members to look up anything to do with the Group.


This Week’s Visitors

Every networking group wants to attract local business people to visit their meeting. It is how the group will grow their membership and will help members to grow their network.

Visitor details are often included on the printed delegate sheet that is provided to members on the day.

But it would be helpful to send out a profile of the visitors ahead of time so that members can see beforehand who will be in the room.

If members know who the visitors will be, they can make a point of speaking to them where an opportunity for collaboration may exist.

As a visitor, it is a really good feeling when a member makes you feel welcome by talking about an interest that you both share.

Which helps to leave a very good overall impression for the group.


Member Directory

The hallmark of a networking group is to provide an environment where  people may get to know others and to build business relationships.

Although they will most likely be connected on social media, members may also need to call or visit one another. Or to arrange a 1-2-1 so that they may  explore opportunities to work together.

It is therefore useful to have a resource where everything the member needs is up to date and always to hand.

That can also serve as a simple but effective way to refer a fellow member’s details whenever and wherever the opportunity may arise. It is the contemporary version of passing their business card.


What Members are Looking For

Members often give a brief presentation about their business and ask fellow members to help look for business opportunities. But it is difficult to remember what others were ‘looking for’ once the meeting has ended.

This information can be presented on your app and become a comprehensive archive of what members are ‘looking for’ and how members may help one another.


Training and Special Events

Training and other events can be detailed so that members always have a schedule of things coming up. Members can therefore better keep up with things of interest. Which helps to promote further networking opportunities and build closer relationships.


Anything Else?

Robin Road is flexible … you can manage content as you wish. Add new information on a regular basis or remove older information that is no longer relevant. Make as many changes as you need and send as many proactive push notifications as you like. Just publish and your app is immediately up to date on all your members’ devices.


’Members Only’ Content

We can also create a ‘members only’ area so that your App can deliver both public and private content. The ‘protected content’ feature has been set up so that specific content can be assigned to specific user groups. And that individual users can also be assigned to different groups. Which assures that that information is available only to those authorised to view it.



Business Networking and Membership Groups naturally belong on Robin Road.