Local Authorities on Robin Road

Local Authorities on Robin Road

Robin Road is an affordable app platform for local authorities.

Public service organisations have far too little budget. Robin Road is perfect to help improve communications for local authorities, their departments and their associated organisations. In a way that reduces costs. And includes the opportunity to raise revenues as well.

Every local authority has a need to fully inform their communities and stakeholders. To present a considerable amount of legislation, rules, regulations, guidelines, policies, procedures, etc.

As well as monitored and inspect for compliance at regular intervals. Reports to drafted and document; recommendations to make. And more inspections to complete to assure that their previous observations have been implemented.

The challenge to make information available and to engage with customers and stakeholders is consistent for the central authority and for each of its departments.

Whether for transport, housing, food safety, pest control, social care, recycling and environment, etc, The inward investment team, the business clubs and neighbourhood development schemes.

As an affordable app platform for local authorities, Robin Road provides a communications platform for every department, division, campaign. As well as for every town or parish within the Authority’s jurisdiction.

Each will have their own individual branding and identity. And each will be able to independently communicate and engage with their individual audience groups.

A considerable amount of information can be presented for quick and easy access whenever and wherever required.

And, in doing so, help to achieve budget savings. And even become a cash-positive proposition.

Customer engagement

The ‘customer’ is the recipient of a service or one who helps to deliver the service. Having all necessary information with them all day, every day, represents a considerable shift in building the relationship for the local authority.

People can no longer comment the local authority did not make them aware of a rule change, initiative or requirement.

Or that they were unaware that an aspect of their operation or procedure needed to change.