Local Authorities on Robin Road

Local Authorities on Robin Road

In a time where public service organisations have far too little budget, Robin Road is perfect to help reduce cost and improve communications efficiency centrally and across all departments.

Each local authority department will have a need to keep their participants and stakeholders fully informed of all the things they need to know to operate safely and in full compliance of current legislation, rules, regulations, guidelines, policies, procedures, etc.

Whether for transport, housing, food safety, pest control, social care, business, etc, the communications and engagement challenge is consistent.

Robin Road allows for each department, division, campaign and initiative to effectively have their own App; as well as each town or parish in their jurisdiction.

With their own individual branding and identity, to communicate and engage with their own audience groups.

This enables a huge amount of information to be presented in quick and easy format, accessible whenever and wherever required.

As well as the ability to proactively engage through push notifications to assure that important news and information is received and retained.

While helping to achieve budget savings at the same time.

From a ‘customer’ perspective, with the customer being a recipient of a service or one who helps to deliver the service, having this contact point in their hands all day every day represents a huge shift in building the relationship.

People can no longer say that the local authority did not make them aware of a rule change, initiative or requirement.

Or that they were unaware that an aspect of their operation or procedure needed to change.

In the very least, Robin Road allows for all the documentation that gets sent out, or published on a website somewhere, to be presented in an easy to access format.

And for messaging to be sent in a way that stands a better chance of being seen than the conventional email.