Internal Communications on Robin Road

Internal Communications on Robin Road

When was the last time you looked at your staff handbook? The one that may have been given to you when you first joined the company during your orientation and induction?

The one that details all the company rules, regulations, policies, procedures and guidelines which, in all likelihood, will have been updated in some form since first presented to you.

Whether you are a company of 10 or 1000, employee engagement is a vitally important aspect of building the right company culture. And a lot of it is down to simply making information available whenever and wherever it may be required.

Anything from grievance or complaint procedures, to whether overtime can be accrued as time off in lieu, to how to access confidential support for personal situations and conditions.

As well as presentation and re-affirmation of the company values, traditions and expectations; its objectives and outlooks; its performance against key indicators and its plan for growth going forward.

The ability to link into internal systems for booking holiday, meeting rooms, etc.

Or even just for the ability to assure that all the right people have all the correct information relating to a project or task … how many times have you seen one side saying that they didn’t get the communication from the other about what they were supposed to be doing?

Robin Road can also be used in exactly the same way that it is used in external communications. To present and promote the firm’s products and services, to publish thoughts and insight or to raise awareness of issues or themes.

The only difference is that, instead of being customers or contacts, the audience will work for you.

Robin Road allows for a considerable amount of content to be presented for quick and easy access – and the ability to proactively message all employees, specific departments and teams or even individuals through filtered push notifications.

It will become an effective, as well as an efficient tool that will help to engage with staff and stakeholders.