Grassroots Sports Leagues on Robin Road

Grassroots Sports Leagues on Robin Road

At the top of the list of challenges for Grassroots Sports Leagues is how to better communicate and engage with their club and participant community.

Robin Road provides an efficient and affordable channel to all sports participants – regional governing bodies, local league committees, club officials, team managers, match officials, players and participants, etc.

Robin Road is primarily used as a contemporary version of the conventional League handbook – which contains the contact directory, competition rules and other relevant information to support the delivery of the game.

Where printed handbooks for grassroots sports leagues and governing bodies are quickly out of date, information presented in Robin Road is always current; and always available whenever and wherever needed.

Information is managed through an online content management system and Robin Road automatically updates on all installed phones and devices.

We’ve designed Robin Road with one-touch functionality for calls, texts and emails so that communications with league officials, match officials and team managers can be made quickly and easily.

This should help to improve overall contact efficiency throughout the league or governing body.

There is a one-touch pitch finder function to help players and parents find their way to the game; push notification feature for unlimited proactive messaging; and a protected content feature which safeguards information only to those authorised to view.

Every league in every sport, everywhere can benefit from using Robin Road.

Key features:

– Comprehensive contact directory

– One touch icon-enabled functionality for calls, SMS, email and pitch finder

– Flexible format to present nearly unlimited amount of information – League news and general communications, rules, regulations, policies, guidelines, documents, reports, campaigns, initiatives, etc

– Unlimited additions and amendments through online Content Management System

– Information is automatically and instantly updated on all installed devices

– Unlimited push notifications; quick and easy to manage

– Ability to ‘protect’ content to authorised users only; quick and easy to set up

– Ability to set up as many user groups as required for bespoke content delivery of information

– Contemporary and Affordable

Governing Bodies of Grassroots Sports on Robin Road