Governing Bodies of Grassroots Sports on Robin Road

Governing Bodies of Grassroots Sports on Robin Road

Robin Road is a useful and affordable mobile app platform for grassroots sports.

As a contemporary handbook / directory and as a proactive member / participant engagement solution.

The task for Governing Bodies of grassroots sports is to deliver all aspects of the game is one of huge importance and significance.

To provide recognised leadership across an unenviable range of responsibility.

Particularly in the area of Safeguarding, where important policies and procedures need to be put in place, reviewed and communicated to all.

And where a programme of monitoring, assessment and accountability needs to be delivered. And documented so as to provide a record of accountability.

Often done with too few staff, too little budget available and too much pressure. But happily performed for the love of the game.

Robin Road can assure that everyone has all relevant and current governance information whenever and wherever it may be required.

And service as a proactive communications tool so that information is transmitted and retained directly to recipients.

Key topics for inclusion:

– Directory details for personnel and regional facilities

– Competition Rules and Regulations

– Association Articles of Association and Standing Orders

– Annual (and topical) Reports and Minutes of Meetings

– Organisational Policies and Procedures, including Safeguarding, Equality & Diversity and Disciplinary

– Programmes, Campaigns and Initiatives

– Support guidance for regions, leagues and clubs

– Competition Regulations

– Selection Criteria

Much of this information currently resides on a website or in printed handbooks. Usually in a place that is difficult to find. And in a format that is difficult to read and digest the required guidance or information.

As an affordable app platform for the governing bodies of grassroots sports, Robin Road brings everything together.

For quick and easy access by everybody involved in the game.

Whenever and wherever it may be required.

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