Business Events and Exhibitions on Robin Road

Business Events and Exhibitions on Robin Road

Robin Road is an affordable Mobile App Platform that is perfect as an exhibitor guide for Business Events and Exhibitions.

Local business events are a staple of any local business calendar.

Business events and exhibitions are an opportunity for businesses to shine.

They provide an opportunity to showcase local companies.  To put on their best stand displays and presentations. To launch new products and services  and create a buzz. And to attract new business prospects or keep in touch with existing clients and contacts.

The conventional exhibitor guide is produced as a few stapled sheets of paper or as a booklet. Which can only give a few words and some basic information about the exhibitors.

And once the event finishes, the booklet either gets discarded or is left in the bottom of the event goodie bag.

Our Growing Portfolio

We have now used the Robin Road system to create exhibitor guides for the Peterborough Biscuit, the Peterborough Greyhounds Booth Networking events, the Northamptonshire, Buckinghamshire / Bedfordshire Business Expos (organised by Sheila Smith Sales & Events); and the South Yorkshire Expo (organised by Fresh Start Events).

Event Continuity

In addition to providing quick and easy access to all the exhibitors, the Exhibitor Guide App continues to be of use all the year round. Just because the event finishes for the day does not mean that the opportunity to present and promote finishes as well.

For visitors to keep exhibitor contact details and profiles to hand.

And also for the event organiser to maintain awareness among both the visitors and exhibitors so that they can keep the momentum going in preparation for the following year’s event.


Appreciating that the budgets for local business events are often restrictive, we can offer Robin Road without an up-front charge.  But rather to price on the basis of £25 per exhibitor plus vat.  Or at our standard pricing; whichever is helpful to you.

You will have the opportunity to raise additional revenues through your app as well.  By offering exhibitors either ‘more pages’ to present more of what they do. To include a pdf brochure document of their products and services. Or perhaps links to their social media pages.

We can coordinate the flow of exhibitor and event information with you and deliver your event app on your behalf. So that you can spend your time focused on delivering the event.

Robin Road will serve as a quality Exhibitor Guide App for Events and Exhibitions