Guide to defibrillator locations at grassroots sports grounds

Since Christian Eriksen suffered a cardiac arrest at the Euros last summer, the concern has not been far from the news pages along with calls for more defibrillators (AEDs) to be made available at sports grounds.

While it is one thing to have a defibrillator at the ground, it is very much another thing for everybody at the ground to know specifically where it is located should the need arise.

We are creating a series of regional guides to AEDs at grassroots sports grounds because every second counts when responding to cardiac arrest.

Much like how an aircraft cannot take off until the on-board safety demonstration has taken place (no matter how many times people have flown!), we want to encourage club officials, team officials, those involved in delivering the event and spectators to get into the habit of checking the location of the AED upon arrival at the venue. 

Professional sports grounds and higher-level clubs will have a requirement for professional medical staff to be on hand, but many grassroots sports take place in community facilities where such help needs to be called to attend.

Having to look for the defibrillator at the same time that somebody is suffering from cardiac arrest is not ideal; amidst all the chaos, concern and frantic calls for something to be done.

Rather, to open the app, scroll to the club listing and check the location of the AED upon arrival at the venue … while waiting for the competition to begin and things are relatively calm.  This will only take about 10 seconds, but could make all the difference if needed.

We’re asking club secretaries and authorised officials to provide us with the following information – by email to  or by using the contact form below :


Club name & location:

Club official name :

Club official email address : (for validation only)

Venue name, address and post code :

Detailed description of where the defibrillator is kept : (eg on the external wall to the right of the pavilion doors)


If the AED is portable rather than fixed, then please indicate so that the Club may still be included.

There is no cost to be included … and we will manage the listing rather than asking clubs to do so.