Quick and Easy Access

Quick and Easy Access to … You

– Your product information

– Your service propositions

– Your governance documentation – rules, regulations, policies, procedures, guidelines, practices

– Your proactive (internal and external) communications – newsletters, blogs, tips, perspectives, advice, etc with push notification to encourage participation and archive for access at a later time

– Your reports, findings, assessments, records, recommendations

– Your contact directory and handbook information

– Your locations … and mapping assistance of how to get there

– Your events … and the ability to link to your booking systems

Whenever and wherever needed by your clients, contacts, employees, members, stakeholders, partners, communities, participants, etc

You can add password protection to individual sections of content and enable information to be accessed only by authorised individuals or groups.

And you can change anything at any time – whether making alterations to existing information, adding new content or removing content no longer needed – without the need for programming skills.

All together in one place. With your community all the time.

While remaining affordable.

Managing your Content

We have developed the Robin Road platform to also make it quick and easy for you to manage your own content … so that you can add, remove or amend information at any time.

You are not limited by a certain number of amendments each month; there are no premiums for the number of amendments you make. Nor do you need to send content alterations to us and wait weeks for the changes to be made.

Just sign into your account via the web based content management system, make the change, press publish and, within seconds, the information is updated on all your users’ devices.