Instant access to information whenever and wherever needed

Delivering your handbook app, your directory app,
your annual yearbook app, your local business guide app, your member guide app, your local networking group / B2B guide app, your local expo app, your tourism /  destination guide app and more



In today’s uber-information age, people expect to take out their phones and get instant access to whatever they want or need to know.   Wherever they are and whenever they need it.  In a way that is visually appealing and easy to read.

The Robin Road mobile app platform enables small businesses, local organisations and member-based groups to easily present an incredible amount of information that can otherwise be hard to keep up to date and distribute to all who need it.

Our portfolio consists of grassroots football leagues, local publishing groups, community organisations, membership and business networking groups and business event organisers ... and we're keen to explore wider opportunities to be of service in other sectors.

Grassroots Football League Apps

We’ve been delivering apps for grassroots football leagues for the last 10 seasons, now used nearly 3 million times per year by some 45,000 people.

Delivered though a common presentational framework system, each league’s app contains club and team management contacts; match and league officials; league and Cup competition rules, links to FA administration system; general FA rules and regulations; Laws of the Game; and required information for the delivery of the game.

With each page of information presented clearly and simply so that it is easy to read, follow and action.


Local Business Community Apps

Through a collaboration with community organisations, such as the local radio station, we can create a comprehensive and contemporary guide to local consumer and retail businesses. 

Presenting contact information, an overview to products and services and an opportunity to enhance their information; as well as including a model for shared revenue generation.

Connecting residents with local service providers and suppliers, removing the need for endless online searches or blind leaps of faith and helping to discover businesses that can be relied upon.


Apps to Accompany to Printed Directories

The local printed business directory is a staple of many communities, dropping through letterboxes each month to help local businesses maintain visibility and to communicate with residents.

Working with the Business Finder publications in the Peterborough communities of Hemingford, Ramsey and Woodston, the Business Finder app on Robin Road works alongside the printed booklet to provide another way for businesses to engage and maintain awareness.





Business Expo, Networking and B2B Guide Apps

The local B2B networking circuit generally consists of networking groups, support organisations and business exhibitions.

The B2B app helps to bring companies together in one place where they can reaffirm their expertise in their field; build and renew relationships; present new products and services; and connect with new prospects and partners.

Whether delivered as a networking member guide, expo exhibitor guide or local B2B guide, the B2B app on Robin Road will enable companies to present as much information as they wish in a way that can be quickly and easily accessed whenever and wherever needed.

Robin Road is designed to be affordable; our prices start at just £40 per month (plus initial set-up) for non-commercial organisations.


We're also keen to explore zero-cost, shared  revenue collaborations.

The best way to see how Robin Road works is to download it for yourself.